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"Yoga and mindfulness practices have helped me in countless, positive ways. Harnessing these tools can sometimes feel like having a superpower. This is what inspires me to learn and to lead...to help others experience the same benefits." - Steevie Jean
Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in the women's fashion industry. It  might sound glamorous but in reality, this involved many hours at a computer in a fast paced, high stress environment. Very early on in my career, I realised how crucial it was to develop healthy practices to avoid injury, exhaustion and burn-out. This is what lead me to yoga and mindfulness.


I believe many people will be able to relate to this situation. Life gets busy, stress becomes the norm and time flies by. It is so important that we be proactive in developing habits of self-care, to protect our body and mind. These practices also help us to increase our sense of gratitude and compassion, enabling us to feel joy and calm more often.


It's one thing to understand the benefits of yoga and mindfulness on an intellectual level but the power is in the practice.

So I invite you to join me in this practice and experience the magic for yourself. Please check out the upcoming events held in Melbourne, Australia

and sign up for future online offerings.




"Steevie is so inspirational! I wouldn't want to go anywhere else, her classes leave you wanting more and make you feel amazing! Steevies guidance and motivating attitude is infectious."


"After one lesson I was hooked. Her yoga lessons made me realise how little we pay attention to our bodies and how important it is to focus on ourselves to live a more stress free lifestyle. Not only are her classes good for the mind but also great for your body."



  • MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) Teacher
  • 200hr Purna Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, Byron Yoga Centre
  • 50hr Meditation Teacher Training Cert, Australian Yoga Academy
  • 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Cert, Mindful Yoga Academy


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